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1) Camping Fees allow for a maximum of two (2) adults and children under 17 per campsite. Only one camping unit, one tent and a maximum of two vehicles (if there is ample space) are allowed per site. Any other adults and children over 10 are considered “Guests” and are subject to camping fees as per our fee schedule.


2) Guests: There will be no charge for guests visiting registered campers PROVIDING that they DO NOT USE ANY OF OUR FACILITIES OR STAY OVERNIGHT.  Visiting hours are from 10 am to 10 pm only.  You are responsible for the conduct of your guests and management must be informed of their arrival and given a temporary registration. All guests who are not spending the night are to be escorted through the gate by you personally by 10 pm. Staying on the grounds past 10 pm will result in a day fee charge. Unregistered guests are not permitted at any time.


4) You are responsible to keep your campsite in a clean and presentable condition during your visit so as not to be a deterrent to any prospective visitor or guest or any existing visitor or guest.


5) “Quiet Hours” are to be observed from 10pm until 8 am.  


6) No temporary structure, such as a deck or shed, can be built on any campsite without approval in writing from management.


7) Be Careful! We are in the woods with uneven ground paths and low evening lighting. All reasonable care should be taken for your personal safety. We recommend that you carry a flashlight when it is dark and watch your step at all times. Management will not be held responsible for any injuries including those arising from negligence on your part.


8) Campfires ARE permitted on sites designated by management.  Because we are in a heavily wooded environment, all fires must be contained in fire rings or screened above-ground units. No uncontained fires on bare ground are allowed and fires are not permitted at the lake. Wooden pallets and loose firewood are not to be brought into the campground grounds at any time. Campfires are subject to Weather conditions and State/County advisories.  NO BONFIRES ARE ALLOWED!


9) Pets are permitted as long as proof of vaccination(s) is provided. Guests are responsible for the conduct of and clean-up after their pets. Pets must also be on a leash and are not allowed in public areas such as the pool, pavilion, main lodge or deck.


10) Golf carts are permitted on the grounds as long as proof of insurance is presented to management. Only those persons who are covered by the insurer of the golf cart shall be allowed to operate it on the grounds.

10-A) No ATV’s are allowed.

10-B) No vehicle storage is allowed. 


11) Water shall not be wasted or kept running! We are not city / town supplied.  We are on a private well with a limited capacity storage tank. This includes: NO car washing, running sprinklers, water slides or camper washing.

11-A) No clothes washing machines in campers may be used.

11-B) No clothing except bathing suits and towels may be hung out to dry.


12) Conduct: ANY behavior that is considered to be disruptive to the welfare and tranquility of the camp and guests will be subject to expulsion by management from the grounds without recourse. NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason, including weather and family emergencies.


13) Garbage: Management will dispose of normal kitchen garbage only! This must be presented to management in person. All other refuse (i.e. broken furniture, grilles, bedding, cardboard boxes, construction debris, recreational articles, toxic substances, clothing, etc.) are the responsibility of the visitor to dispose of at his own expense.

13-A) Cigarette butts shall NOT be discarded on the ground!


14) Electrical usage (basic) is included in your camping fee or as described in our fee schedule.

14A) For all non-metered sites (Transients): Air conditioners are NOT to be left running when you are away from your camper, or an electrical surcharge of  $5.00/day will be imposed. 


15) No guns or illegal substances are permitted in the camp.


16) Environmental conservation shall be considered a prime responsibility of all guests. Water especially shall not be wasted.


17) Septic dumping: There is a $25.00 per dump charge to dispose of septic waste into our holding tank if we do it for you. If you do it yourself, a $10.00 fee per dumping container (blue boy) applies.

17 A) For your convenience, we sell the proper septic treatment in the reception office.


18) Any concerns as to the running of this campground will be directed to management only.


19) Storage: From opening day in May to September 30, there will be a daily fee equivalent to daily camping fees for any camper, tent or articles left on a site, even if you will not be on the grounds, regardless of reason. After September 30, winter storage fees will apply and must be arranged and paid for in advance.


20) Breakdowns / Facility Usage: Occasionally some of our facilities may fail to operate. We will do our best to make repairs in a timely manner but will not be held responsible for loss of use in the interim. Also, all posted regulations for each facility use will observed.


21) Vandalism or damage to camp facilities of any sort are will result in expulsion and or legal prosecution if not paid for.


22) Music: Management does not provide music for the entertainment of guests. Any music played by guests for their own personal enjoyment will be kept to a reasonable volume level and not ‘broadcast’ throughout the camp.


23) “NYS Splash rules”, as posted, will be observed at all times. Copies may be obtained at the office. At least two persons, (one adult), must be present in swimming areas when bathing at all times.


24) Lake and pool usage is restricted to daylight hours only and all posted “Splash Rules” are to be observed. Camping and ground fires are NOT permitted at the lake at any time. You are also responsible to keep the area clean and not leave refuse or personal items behind.

24A) The Lake and beach area is closed from dusk until dawn (no admittance) and CAMPFIRES ARE NEVER PERMITTED AT THE LAKE.

24B) Boats: Rowboat must be beached upside down near the trees, oars on top of the hull.  Paddleboat must be secured to the dock after use.


25) Your children are your responsibility. Their conduct and activities are to be monitored by you at all times for their safety and well-being. Children under 18 are NOT ALLOWED to be in the Playground, at the Lake or in the Pool area without a parent or responsible adult present.


26) The Speed Limit in the campground is 10 mph for vehicles and golf carts.


27) If you have any further questions or concerns, we would be happy to answer them for you.